A world where ‘60s film soundtracks meet sampladelic acid house somewhere in the Interzone. ”

— Gappy Tooth


The Bullingdon 

With his slicked hair, unnerving gaze and tight-fitting suit, The Pink Diamond Revue frontman Tim Lane looks like the sort of bloke who ends uncomfortable conversations with a switchblade. Tonight, though, he channels any simmering discontent by continually harassing the legless mannequin on stage with him with his guitar, all the while crunching out relentless surfabilly dirges over the drummer’s metronomic beats, washes of industrial synths and disembodied vocal samples. It sounds like Dick Dale, Kraftwerk and Ministry dropped a bunch of mushrooms together and invented Death In Vegas twenty years too early. It’s simple, highly effective and brilliantly hypnotic. 

Dale Kattack NIGHTSHIFT MARCH 2017


Click for The Pink Diamond Revue on Radio 6

Click for The Pink Diamond Revue on Radio 6

The Pink Diamond Revue



The Pink Diamond Revue  are a 3 Piece Electro/ Dance/ Psych band from Reading / London UK,  fronted by Acid Dol, a model from another dimension. 

 They have played over 200  shows throughout the UK including festivals such as Nozstock (2015 & 2016) Clarence festival in Wakefield (headlined in 2015), Mac stock, Willowman , Forever Sun (headlined alternative stage ) Salisbury Arts Festival 2016 (headlined). July 2017 Co - Existence Festival , Bristol. Sonic Rock Festival June 2016. Oxford City Festival Nov 2017 Headlined Worcester festival September 2017

 The bands live shows have had many different comparisons but most mention the bands ability to combine their music with the visual images they display behind them , to produce a show with a massive crossover appeal.  



12 ‘’ Vinyl Single released 2017



Single played 3 times by Tom Robinson on Radio 6 

Also played on Radio Berkshire,TM FM, Seattle Wave and many internet shows 

Played Live on Resonance 104.4 FM London 25th June 

Ep released on Hum Tracks Feb 2017 (played on radio stations worldwide) 

Go Go Girl Single out now


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